Festival Pick: 33rd Berlin International Film Festival restrospective: Exil

Wilhelm Faber of Berlinale picks a poster from the festival’s archive.

B_Retrospective_1983 (2)

My favourite poster is for the Berlinale Retrospective in 1983.  The central motif is the Anhalter-railwaystation, whose name in free translation is “place where you have to stop.” A magic black and white photograph to open the spectators imagination and memory of old cinema.  At the same time an invitation to remember stories, fate or a turn of events.  The festival film series (EXIL) is highlighted by a typography which is both contained and higlighted. The poster was designed by Volker Noth.


Wilhelm Faber has worked at the Berlin International Film Festival since 1990; working in the fields of program-coordination, festival-organisation, event-management and IT.