Rotterdam selects San Sebastian

Continuing our ‘Festival Pick’ strand, Rutger Wolfson of International Film Festival Rotterdam, selects a poster from the New Directors sidebar of San Sebastian Film Festival 2012


David Bowie's The Next Day

It’s interesting to see that so many good festival posters use a drawing or an illustration. It’s very hard to work with a still (photo) image for a festival poster, because one such image will never cover the whole content spectrum of a festival. So a more abstract level of imagery to convey some sense of what the festival is about, seems to work well. We tried to solve this by using mainly text, that should evoke an image.

The one festival poster I found particularly interesting was the San Sebastian festival 2012, because visually it’s very much the same idea as the latest David Bowie album cover. You never know who got an idea when and where (but the Bowie sleeve is from 2013). Anyhow, you do see a lot of Bowie-sleeve inspired designs everywhere now. 

Rutger Wolfson is Festival Director of International Film Festival Rotterdam.