Behind The Poster: Docs Barcelona

Elena Subirà i Roca of DocsBarcelona Film Festival talks us through their recent campaign.


The posters of the latest edition of DocsBarcelona was designed by a Catalan Design studio called Nytt, and presents a unique message: Fill yourself with Emotions. The campaign reproduces three very different type of people you can find in our city, Barcelona, but that at the same time are all target audiences for our festival.  We liked its fresh and simple look, the characters’ personality and the symbiosis the poster delivered between general audience (the characters) and the professional side of the event (the digital camera they hold).

The inspiration for the poster came from DocsBarcelona’s goal to broaden its spectrum of viewers; to increase audience numbers, but also to broaden the target. We think there is a documentary for everyone. We think that documentaries bring you new experiences, sometimes they make you find out about realities you would never imagine or would believe in. Films that at the same time can be deep and emotionally shocking, or simply fun and entertaining.

And in the end, if this is DocsBarcelona’s goal and spirit, I think this campaign reflects it very well: For everyone, about everything, in many styles; But always about reality.


Elena Subirà i Roca is Executive Producer of DocsBarcelona Film Festival and Pitching Forum since 2009 and Head of Audiovisual Management at the documentary company Parall40 based in Barcelona, Santiago de Chile and Bogotà-Colombia.