Behind The Poster: Docs Barcelona

Elena Subirà i Roca of DocsBarcelona Film Festival talks us through their recent campaign.


The posters of the latest edition of DocsBarcelona was designed by a Catalan Design studio called Nytt, and presents a unique message: Fill yourself with Emotions. The campaign reproduces three very different type of people you can find in our city, Barcelona, but that at the same time are all target audiences for our festival.  We liked its fresh and simple look, the characters’ personality and the symbiosis the poster delivered between general audience (the characters) and the professional side of the event (the digital camera they hold).

The inspiration for the poster came from DocsBarcelona’s goal to broaden its spectrum of viewers; to increase audience numbers, but also to broaden the target. We think there is a documentary for everyone. We think that documentaries bring you new experiences, sometimes they make you find out about realities you would never imagine or would believe in. Films that at the same time can be deep and emotionally shocking, or simply fun and entertaining.

And in the end, if this is DocsBarcelona’s goal and spirit, I think this campaign reflects it very well: For everyone, about everything, in many styles; But always about reality.


Elena Subirà i Roca is Executive Producer of DocsBarcelona Film Festival and Pitching Forum since 2009 and Head of Audiovisual Management at the documentary company Parall40 based in Barcelona, Santiago de Chile and Bogotà-Colombia.


Behind The Poster: The London & Porto Underground Film Festival

From Werner Herzog to Hennessy Youngman, a line has been drawn from the firelight dancing on the walls of the caves of our ancestors to the arthouse future of 3D technology.  It’s all about the caves.  So we were delighted and intrigued when we came across this illustrated poster, mixing mysticism with body art.  Here, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, Directors of The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals, illuminate on the philosophy behind the visuals.

The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals poster

The poster for our film festival, illustrated by David Penela, had to represent not only the kind of festival we wished to present but also our ideas about what cinema is and could be. Our festival is concerned with the art of cinema, so it was necessary for us to consider cinema as a part of the history of art rather than simply a modern phenomenon separate from it. The technology itself may only be 130 years old but its purpose and role in our lives reaches back to the earliest human beings. Art is a singularly human expression that came into existence as a response to the great mysteries of life. Cinema is one of the current forms of this expression and is shaped by the conditions of our time. It is often forgotten that art does not grow solely from the rational mind but it is as much a condition of the body, a poetic expression erupting from the interplay between the energies of the body, the conflicts and harmonies of the organs and the irrational unconscious mind. Like early humans faced with cave paintings lit by flickering flames, in the cinema – when it is art – we can be greatly transformed. We glimpse truths, new ideas and new feelings emerge. Through this we can engage with the great universal mysteries of existence, but we can also gain insight into our own individual day-to-day lives.

Our festival seeks to show works of cinema that are taking the medium beyond the dead language of commercialism and industry, and that are made by people who know that art cannot exist under such conditions. These films will take many forms and styles and come from the personal explorations of the inner and outer worlds of the people who make them. They are unique to their creators, this uniqueness is what we celebrate and champion. Our poster grew out of these ideas.

Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, Filmmakers at The Underground Film Studio and Directors of The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals

Behind the Poster: Vilnius International Film Festival

Mindaugas Morkunas shares the background and impact of a successful film festival poster campaign that led to increased public recognition and volunteer applications.

VIFF poster 2012 01

These are the Vilnius International Film Festival (VIFF) posters created for the 2012 edition. In local language the festival name is ‘Cinema spring’ and the idea of the poster was to reflect the festival identity as well as revealing various feelings triggered by films in different people.

VIFF poster 2012 02

Everything is blooming in spring around and people see and find new things through films which they might be never noticed before. There were five different layouts created mirroring different characters of festival goers and different moods correlating with film genres (comedy, drama, etc.).

VIFF poster 2012 04

Posters were created by Lithuania creative agency ‘New!’ which is also known internationally because of their project redefine Wikipedia.

VIFF poster 2012 05

That year the creative posters inspired so many people to share those images on social media, and buzz was so positive that everybody felt how important creativity and soul of festival poster is. We receive more than 600 volunteers applications like never before.

VIFF poster 2012 03


Mindaugas Morkunas, Head of Festival Development, Vilnius International Film Festival