As excitement builds towards the ICO Developing Your Film Festival training programme in Croatia, we are spending the summer celebrating the art of the Film Festival poster.  We’ll be giving graphic tendencies the eye, examining attention-grabbing techniques, and hailing the mavericks of the form, raising heroic designers on our metaphorical shoulders, and carrying them aloft in the blogosphere.

While hierarchies may exist in the world of festivals competing for talent and status, in the world of the film festival poster, it is a level playing ground, with prestige purely a matter of imagination, taste and a knack of understanding the right aesthetic for your desired audience of curious film fans.

To gain a varied perspective, we have invited film festival staff, poster designers and website curators, to pick their own personal favourites and tell us what makes festival artwork zing for them.  We will be presenting these, alongside some features considering the tendencies, diversity, clichés and pleasures of this format.


The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) is the UK’s national support organisation for independent exhibitors of all kinds, including cinemas, film festivals and film societies.  We exist to bring a wider range of films to a wider range of audiences, and our primary aims are to:

  • Promote diversity in exhibition content, audience and location.
  • Develop a culturally-led approach to an economically sustainable independent exhibition sector.
  • Provide access to industry leading best-practice exhibitor training.


If you would like to contribute to this project, please get in touch via kate [at] independentcinemaoffice [dot] org [dot] uk or give us a call at +44 (0)207 636 7120.


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