Behind the Poster: Vilnius International Film Festival

Mindaugas Morkunas shares the background and impact of a successful film festival poster campaign that led to increased public recognition and volunteer applications.

VIFF poster 2012 01

These are the Vilnius International Film Festival (VIFF) posters created for the 2012 edition. In local language the festival name is ‘Cinema spring’ and the idea of the poster was to reflect the festival identity as well as revealing various feelings triggered by films in different people.

VIFF poster 2012 02

Everything is blooming in spring around and people see and find new things through films which they might be never noticed before. There were five different layouts created mirroring different characters of festival goers and different moods correlating with film genres (comedy, drama, etc.).

VIFF poster 2012 04

Posters were created by Lithuania creative agency ‘New!’ which is also known internationally because of their project redefine Wikipedia.

VIFF poster 2012 05

That year the creative posters inspired so many people to share those images on social media, and buzz was so positive that everybody felt how important creativity and soul of festival poster is. We receive more than 600 volunteers applications like never before.

VIFF poster 2012 03


Mindaugas Morkunas, Head of Festival Development, Vilnius International Film Festival


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