Archipelago Cinema by Ole Scheeren_11_photo by Sixtysix Visual

We are the ICO and we are film festival addicts.  When we’re not reporting back from screening rooms, we’re gazing at images like the above, from the Film On the Rocks Yao Noi festival, or poring over the pdf brochures for far flung events.  In July we decamp to a hillside in Croatia, for Developing Your Film Festival, a training course that brings together top notch speakers and European film festivals, to share good practice and discuss the nitty gritty of developing audiences and strengthening their business. 

So in advance of the course, we have engaged in a summertime project celebrating the art of the film festival poster.  It started with a Pinterest page, where we’ve been collecting images that catch our eye.  And for the next few weeks, we will feature a selection of posters on this site, with designs suggested by festival organisers and designers.  Longer features will include an interview with the brains behind influential site filmfestivalposters.com and an anatomy of how the International Film Festival Rotterdam campaign comes together.

And to get things started we are delighted to present a picture essay by Adrian Curry of MUBI, discussing some tendencies and tropes in the way film festivals present themselves to the world.

We welcome your engagement over the next few weeks, and if you’d like to make some suggestions, our contact details are on the About page.  Have a great aesthetically-charged festivalist summer!

Sarah Bourne, Becky Clarke and Kate Taylor

Independent Cinema Office


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